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June’s stories are out. Using the theme of They come at night, we invite you to check out two stories that will make you hair stand on end. We think you will enjoy reading about creepy creatures that can only come out of your worst nightmare. Join Daniel as he fights a hideous creature who is stalking his neighbor, and Harrison and his friends as they investigate some unexplained disappearances from a popular party spot. Just a word of caution, though. You may have a few sleepless nights listening out for the creepy-crawlies, because, after all….they come at night.

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MMM writers

                          Uninvited-by Ian Williams

Reclusive Daniel is fascinated with the life of his neighbor, Jenny. When he starts getting nightly visits from an ominous creature, he soon realizes that he may be the only one who can defeat the real monster.

Here is a sample:

It was a Tuesday when It first visited me in the dead of night. I remember it clearly. It was the same day my neighbours had begun to fight worse than usual. I heard their argument through my paper-thin walls, from the first mumbled insult to the last punch–the husband was a drunken lout who lashed out all too often.

The time I was supposed to be spending counting my pennies and checking they were all still there, I was listening in instead, with my ear up against the wall. This argument was about who the girl, called Jenny, had been out drinking with that day. Her husband–I always missed his name–was demanding she tell him, ‘or I’ll beat it out of you’, he’d said.

She was a friendly woman, she didn’t deserve that kind of treatment. I’d often seen her greeting people when she left for work each morning. Of course, I’d never spoken to her, I doubt she knew I even existed. I watched through my window as she left and then returned each day. She’d be home around six most nights, but sometimes not until way past ten. Those were the nights I heard them fight.

That Tuesday was different, though. The hitting would start almost as soon as Jenny walked through the door and then settle down an hour or so later, at which point I’d hear her slam the bedroom door and cry herself to sleep. But on that cold winter’s evening the hitting hadn’t stopped.

I cried for her that night. I’d listened from the very start of it, slumped up against my wall like I was glued to it. I could hear that she was in pain. I imagined her pretty face covered in purple bruises and three times its normal size. I saw her missing teeth, her gums blackened by blood and her clothes torn to shreds; and I fell asleep with tears streaming down my face…

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                   Fire Lake-by Jessica Wren

When a group of college students disappear without a trace from a popular party spot, Harry becomes obsessed with solving the mystery. Believing the answer lies in an ancient Greek legend, Harry finds himself on a treacherous mission that even he, a respected psychiatrist, may not be prepared to handle.

Here is a sample:

The 150-acre reservoir was named Fire Lake when an observer noticed the orange glow of the water when the sun goes down. It has nothing to do with the multiple tragedies that occurred there, including the most recent in which several died and others were left with permanent endocrine and neurological damage. I was a freshman at Augusta University during the first known disappearance that occurred in 1969.

For most folks, the doomed Altamonte concert marked the end of the hippie era. At that time, my brother Henry was serving in Vietnam, and I was too preoccupied with other matters to give the disappearance much thought. I didn’t really know any of the seventeen young people who vanished into thin air after a weekend of partying. We all knew Buddy Caldwell, of course, but no one was too terribly shocked that he flew the coop. The quintessential hippie, Buddy was charismatic in the sense that he could make people believe almost anything. He had been talking nonstop about how he planned to take off to California and live in a communal compound, which would naturally include all his female friends and only two or three trusted (read: gullible) males.

The only thing I remember about the Fire Lake disappearance, other than the fact that the campus was unusually quiet without Buddy speaking in a thunderous voice about the dangers of ‘the man’ or strumming his un-tuned guitar, is a profound relief that my friend Margaret did not get caught up in whatever scheme Buddy had hatched. With very little evidence of foul play, police concluded that the gang had taken off with Buddy, and the people Margaret said met them on the shore were another group joining them. Margaret didn’t help matters by stating to the police that at around ten o’clock that Sunday evening, there was a general move for the group to go out to the shore. Margaret said she didn’t feel like going, but as usual Buddy got his way. She stated that the mystery group approached them, and as if of one mind, started pairing off. A young man had approached Margaret, and to this day she still sees the look of infinite pain in his eyes when Margaret instinctively shrank away from him…

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